We are story-tellers, and filmmaking is our trade. We take pride in cinematography and editing, but a good narrative is foremost. 

Warren Lane is not a person. Warren Lane is a dead-end street. Just wide enough for one car, it precariously snakes along a hillside in the interior of British Columbia. Looking out from Warren Lane, your view is encompassed by a giant lead and silver smelter that the township of Trail was built around.


Warren Lane is where our partnership and collaboration began. We are Soren Johnstone, and Michael Babiarz, and we have been working on film and video projects together for over ten years.

We have made two award winning feature films. Our first, Play With Fire, is a visceral drama that we shot on a micro-budget with non-actors in a small, smelter town; our second, Hicks on Sticks, is a documentary that spans 20 years of a group of friends who went on a skateboard tour together in 1999.

We also work with a range of clients to tailor videos that fit their specific needs. Click on through to our services page to see how we can help you with your vision.

We are currently working and living in Vancouver, BC.

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Hicks on Sticks (2012) Official Trailer

A Warren Lane Picture.

In the summer of 1999, a collective of friends traveled across western Canada to showcase skateboarding and music to kids in small towns. Little did they know how this tour would impact their lives for many years to come. Independently funded and driven by passion, they were hicks on sticks.

Winner of “Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking” at the Newport Beach Film Festival.

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A Spaceship from Outer Space carrying Rappers Lands on Hastings

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Rap Goofz show at the Gam gallery on East Hastings.

Grown Up Skateboarding

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The 3rd part of a series of supplementary videos we made to introduce the feature film “Hicks on Sticks”. This segment takes us to a mini-ramp in the abandoned, old PM warehouse, Slocan City for the Backyard Bowl Bash and to Go Skate Day at Strathcona Park. It features Geoff Dermer (ex PM rider) and we interview Kevin Kelley (BLVD Skate Shop), Sandro Grison (Color Magazine), Jonny Byers, Mike Farley, and Joe Buffalo, asking them all the key question, “How have you grown up with skateboarding?”

The Return of the Mysterious Bus Stop Drifter…

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A fun little short we put together for a fantastic little shop in Vancouver’s Chinatown, Duchesse Vintage and Such. Starring Nathan Holt.

Living With Skateboarding

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The 2nd part of a series of supplementary videos we made to introduce the feature film “Hicks on Sticks”. This segment features one of the star’s of the film, Eugene Voykin, while he is visiting the city. He takes us to some of his favourite skate spots, talks about the old days, and shares some wisdom.